Friday, May 25, 2007

How do I use BlogPatrol to track more than one blog?

Question: " your counter and would like to add a counter to a 2nd blog -- is that possible and how would i do so?"

Answer: You have two options for using BlogPatrol to track multiple blogs.

Option 1: Using only one BlogPatrol account

a. It is possible to use a single BlogPatrol account to track multiple blogs, but this is not an ideal use of the system.

b. BlogPatrol will track any website on which you place the BlogPatrol countercode (as long as the website allows javascript). Therefore, copy the same BlogPatrol countercode to as many blog templates as you like.

c. Using this method, you will only need one BlogPatrol account.

d. Benefit: You only have to login to one BlogPatrol account to track all of your

e. Drawback #1: Your one BlogPatrol stats report will show results from
multiple blogs (some would perceive this as a benefit).

f. Drawback #2: BlogPatrol will record only one unique visit from the same computer for a given 24-hour period, even if the computer visits multiple blogs during that 24-hour period.


Option 2: Using two different BlogPatrol accounts

a. It is best to have a separate and different BlogPatrol account for each of your blogs.

b. Create a brand new BlogPatrol account and add the countercode from the new account to your second blog.

c. Benefit: The stats reports are completely separate (some would perceive this as a drawback).

d. Drawback: You have to login to two different accounts.

We are looking at more elegant methods to satisfy this requirement in future editions of BlogPatrol.

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Anikin Skywriter said...

This might help me. The thing is, my blog is at, and I don't know if they will let me edit my html. Can you help me with this?

Tony said...

Hi anikin skywriter: We can certainly try to help you install the BlogPatrol code on your new blog at We will follow up with you via email so we can discuss the detais.

batterie said...

You have two options for using BlogPatrol to track multiple blogs.