Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Database Online

We are back online in the short-term and working to resolve this error in the long-term, as it has now appeared three different times in the last week.

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James said...

i think its down again...

Anonymous said...

I thougth I was having problems and added another provider's counter to my site page.

Also wemt back to the original code. And nothing happened. Guess I now know why.

Calamity Man said...

hi tony. good job on this blogpatrol thing.

i wish you and your team the best in trying to nip this dumb error thingy.

i'm quite dependent on blogpatrol as it is. haha.

i also wish you guys would have an option for us to see things in our respective time zones though.

i'm on +8GMT and i find it weird looking at all the stats in some other time zone.


George said...

Sigh...you seem to be down again. Always seems to happen when it is daytime here in Europe, and you're all asleep over there in the US.