Sunday, January 14, 2007

Upcoming Topics for January and February 2007

Posts that I'll be writing in the coming weeks include the following topics:

  • The BlogPatrol Story: History and Future
  • BlogPatrol 2.0
  • Small (part-time) business: limitations, thrills, frustrations, and worthy challenges
  • The "I Heart / Hate BlogPatrol" Awards on February 14

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James said...

Warning: mysql_pconnect(): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) in /home/blogpat/public_html/mysql_connect.php on line 5

The information you have requested is not available at this time.

Anonymous said...

Almost every day when I try to sign in, BlogPatrol is down or does not work in some way. If I'm lucky enough to get logged in, then it won't show the majority of my stats. Soon, I'll be forced to switch services.

Anonymous said...

IS there a problem? The counter and stats have been down, off and on, for the last eight or so hours...


Brian Pipa said...

Maybe it's just me, but your top 3000 list seems mostly pointless. Is that hits since day 1 (I think it is)? Doesn't it make more sense to do like most sites like this do and list the most hits each week and start back at zero at the beginning of each week?

As it is, someone just coming in (like me) have very little chance of getting to/near the top because everyone else has a huge head start.

You could still have the top 3000 list like you do now but call it "Top Blogs of All Time" or something and call the weekly one "Top Blogs of The Week" (or something.

Just a thought.

Goat Almighty said...

hey, i know you're working very hard to make it work but this mysql problem or whatever is getting a little annoying.

most times i can't log in to check out the stats on my blog.

hope you manage to fix it soon. roar on!

george said...

I am constantly getting the message:

The information you have requested is not available at this time.

I can respect that you are having problems, but shouldn't you at least mention this? With perhaps a heads up on a timetable for getting it fixed?

Anonymous said...

Aaaaggghh the counter seems to be down at least 50% of the time at present..

Avid Blogger said...

i wud lik 2 read abt the history of

Stony Curtis said...

hi Tony--
every time i try to sign in to see my stats, i get this:

"Warning: mysql_pconnect(): Too many connections in /home/blogpat/public_html/mysql_connect.php on line 5
The information you have requested is not available at this time."

how to not get that error please? :-)