Saturday, March 31, 2007

Progress Report - March 31, 2007

Current Status
On March 29, our two new servers arrived at our web hosting provider,, and we began the task of installing the various operating system and software packages needed for BlogPatrol 2.0.

The new servers represent a significant upgrade in all areas:

  • server: from a single server to a pair of Dual Intel Dual-Core 5130 Woodcrest servers
  • processing: from a single processor to a pair of 2.0 GHz Processors
  • RAM: from 2 GB RAM to 8 GB RAM expandable to 16 GB
  • storage: from 3 separate hard disks to a RAID 1 array of 4 x 320 GB SATA Drives
Next Steps: Part 1
Once the setup of the new servers is complete, we'll be migrating from the old server to the new server. This means that you will soon have access to your stats reports again!

For the short-term, the functionality will still be BlogPatrol 1.0, but the capacity of the database will be much greater because will be going from a single instance of a MySQL 5.0.24 database to MySQL Cluster with multiple instances. We'll have the design to add as many new instances of the database as needed to accommodate user needs.

Next Steps: Part 2
We'll complete our requirements analysis for developing BlogPatrol 2.0, and start prototyping the BlogPatrol.

While we were waiting for the new machines to arrive, we did a ton of research on Web 2.0 designs, methods, and functionalities. It will be a very exciting few weeks ahead!

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Steve said...

Sounds good!

Narcoleptic_ll said...

Those are great news!! Can't wait to see the new blogpatrol desing up and running.

Best of wishes Team ^_____^

microdot said...

Oh joy, I didn't switch and my faith in you was justified! I'm gettting so many hits now because I think of the French elections and now I will be able to see where they come from.
I was getting a repeat hit from an Iranian transexuals blog,I found out by hitting the link in blogpatrol...nothing too weird, just fashion and make up tips!

Anonymous said...

Hooray!! Can't Wait!

Batya said...

Will you be able to let us know when it's all working?

Arianne said...

your site is still not accepting registrants. when will it be ok? i can't create an account... =(

ElPoeta said...

Don't you think it's time for a new update?

Batya said...

I hope you'll let us know when it's up and running, so we can catch it!

Anonymous said...

You can count on us


Scrappyilse said...

Hey Guys,

I hope you'll have everything working again soon! I'm looking forward to seeing my stats! And to other things from Blogpatrol!

Mike said...

Hello? anyone home? Any news?

J. said...

Any new progress to report?

Mel said...

Any idea of an ETA on exactly how soon we might have access to our stats reports again?

CRUEL KEV. said...

Should I bother to pay attention to blog patrol any longer?

oakmonster said...

How goes it, you guys? Haven't seen any updates lately. What's the progress?