Friday, May 18, 2007

...Migration nearly completed...

We are currently monitoring the DNS changes that have to occur when you move a website. (In this case, we're not only switching from a beta site to a live site, but also moving from a server in one data center to new servers in a different data center).

As one of the closing activities for this migration, disabled the test site by pointing it to the live site. We just don’t want people signing up for a new account on the test site and finding out their information isn’t on the live site! We’ll re-enable the beta site when the next version of blogpatrol is ready for public testing.

We expect to announce that the migration is completed as scheduled on May 19. We're almost there! =D

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Tim said...

Warning: mysql_pconnect(): Too many connections in /home/blogpat/public_html/mysql_connect.php on line 5

The information you have requested is not available at this time.

i get this message when logging in. please tell me i didn't wait so long in vain =/

Tony said...

Hi Tim,

You, haven't waited in vain at all. =D

Propagation of the DNS and IP address for the new web site is taking the full 24 to 48 hours. You are getting the "too many connections" error because your Internet Service Provider is still pulling the old web site, where the database is now down.

How will you know whether you're at the "new" versusus the "old" web site?
Visit the Contact Form page at're at the NEW site if the contact form allows you to send us an email.'re at the OLD site if you see a contact form that says the contact function is disabled.

Ultimately, you're at the new site when you're able to login and you find a database that's lightning fast and accurate.

In my case, my own Internet Service Provider (ISP) only picked up the site around 11 AM Eastern (New York) time this morning! Let me know when your ISP picks up the website.

The performance is really worth the wait!