Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Target Date: May 19 for Release of BlogPatrol 1.5

We're finalizing our preparations to release BlogPatrol 1.5 no later than May 19.

When complete, we will have migrated the upgrades and fixes that we've been testing on our beta site to our live site. Yes, this means that you'll be able to access your stats (and sign up for new accounts)!

Just to review:

  • BlogPatrol 1.0: Broken site/service (circa February 2007)
  • BlogPatrol 1.5: New database, new server, fixed site/service <- We will be here May 19
  • BlogPatrol 2.0: New site, more services (release date to be determined)
I hope to report good news soon... on or before May 19th!

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Anonymous said...

beta version is was working fine, now stoped againm.
I have only one word: FRUSTRATION

Tony said...

Anonymous, thanks for testing the beta site. Can you let us know what part stopped working? For instance, did the website not load for you? Was there a problem with logging in, or connecting with your stats reports once you logged in? Are you still getting the problem now.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Thanks for all you're doing. I can't wait to have access to all of my site statistics again. Please let us know if it will be delayed beyond May 19, 2007. Thanks.

Mel said...

Thanks for keeping us updated guys, good luck! :)