Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Little Focus Goes a Long Way

Long-time BlogPatrol users have seen great changes with our website and service since the beginning of 2007. Despite the big improvements that have happened already, and the new features soon to arrive, it's the little improvements that can make a big difference.

In web development, one use of the term "focus" is to define it as a website automatically placing the user's cursor into the first data field of a web form. The benefits to a web visitor of having the cursor focus in the right place include:

  • saving an extra click-and-point motion to get the cursor into the desired data field of the web form
  • allowing returning visitors to begin using the web form as soon as the web page finishes loading because the visitors know the cursor will be focused exactly where they want it
BlogPatrol has four web forms that each require users to type data into form fields:
I'm happy to say that all four forms now provide focus to the user so they can begin using the forms right away. With improvements big and small, a little focus goes a long way.

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