Friday, June 1, 2007

System Maintenance

2:23 PM Eastern, June 1 - We are tweaking the system, so the database and stats reports may be rendering slowly for the next hour or so.

5:15 PM Eastern , June 1 - We have completed the tweaks, and the database should be performing normally now.

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Julie said...

thank you for getting blogpatrol back online, its great to be able to see who is visiting my blog :)

george said...

I am still only getting either 1 or 0 hits per day, although other tools indicate the true number is around 50.

Tony said...

Hi George,

When we visited your blog to follow up on your comment, we observed that the BlogPatrol counter icon does not appear on your blog.

We did find the BlogPatrol counter code in the source code of your blog. So, what's wrong when users have installed BlogPatrol counter code, but the BlogPatrol counter icon does not appear? Any or all of the three possibilities are likely reasons:

1. The counter code is somehow modified during the copy-paste-save process of installing BlogPatrol.

2. The counter code is placed on a section of the blog's source code that does not permit proper stats tracking. A quick tip is to install BlogPatrol where other code from other third-party providers is already working properly.

3. BlogPatrol is installed on a blog or blog host provider that does not support BlogPatrol’s java script counter code. We noticed for example that your blog is running an installation of WordPress on your own domain/server, which should be fine for BlogPatrol to function properly.

In any of the three possibilities listed above, the BlogPatrol counter icon will not appear, even though the counter code is installed.

We recommend that you login to BlogPatrol, retrieve your counter code, and re-install the code in a location where the blog counter will appear on your blog. If the blog counter icon once this process is complete, then you can expect that BlogPatrol will be tracking stats for you again.

Be certain to login to the live BlogPatrol site -- not the beta site!

george said...

That's very weird...I see the icon very clearly using Firefox. It's been there the whole time.

However, I will get the code again and paste it in again, in case the old code is somehow defective.

But it is very strange that I see the icon and you do not....

george said...

Pasted in the icon code anew (for a different icon this time, one not in "stealth" mode). A day later, I still have 0 visitors according to Blog Patrol.

Tony said...

Hi George,

Thanks for letting us know the issue is still not resolved for you. I have emailed you screen shots of what we can see (and not see) in both Firefox and Intenet Explorer browsers. I also enclosed the source code from that loaded in the browser for the screen shots that were taken.

Unfortunately, I do not know why the BlogPatrol icon loads for you on your machine, and why it does not load for me on my machine, especially since you have javascript (from other providers such) already running on your blog.

Our team will do everything we can to support you on this problem, but we will be troubleshooting this with you via email rather than through the public commenting function on The Patrol Blog. We are getting into matters that deal with your specific BlogPatrol account and blog. I am uncomfortable about sharing that information to the general public. I promise that whatever lessons are learned and new best practices are created will be shared on The Patrol Blog.

In the meantime, I will ask the team to take another look at what's going on with your account, and we will follow up with you on whatever we find.