Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bug Report: Zero Visitor Count Days

Bug Report: "My counter is off by four days. For example, it says the current day is last Friday, when it is actually Tuesday. Can you fix this, please?"

Error: Having a day with 0 (zero) visitors will cause a BlogPatrol stats report to lose several days in the display of the Weekly/Daily bar chart of the new 3D format. Please note that the data is still being recorded for your account, but it is the display of the information that is in error.

Additional Info: We need to review a section of code that tries to handle 0 (zero) visitor days in our counter code engine to find what was missed in the code enhancement for the 3D charts.


  • Bug reported on 7/10/2007
  • Error identified on 7/11/2007
  • Solution identified, tested and implemented on 7/12/2007

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