Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Outstanding Portal:

Tom Pick is a b2b marketer who's focused on research, writing, leadership and online marketing since 1996. He runs an outstanding portal dedicated to web marketing:
I've been looking for new ad broker companies to help BlogPatrol serve geo-specific banner ads since nearly two-thirds of our site traffic is non-US, non-Canada. I found Mr. Pick's portal when I did a Google search for "ad broker international banner ad" and his Ad Networks page appeared as the top natural search result.

The Ad Networks page is a cool and useful resource. I like the page so much because it is so well organized. A paragraph at the top defines the purpose of the page:

Online Advertising Brokers, Networks and Software

The "middlemen" of Web advertising, these firms provide publishers (Web site operators) with content-relevant, revenue-generating advertising for their Web sites, and advertisers and their agencies with advertising opportunities on popular and relevant Web sites.

The list of ad networks is not only alphabetized but also organized in a consistent and easy-to-use manner: Hyperlinked name, hyperlinked contact info, phone number, and summary. A few examples:

BURST! Media
Contact Information
(781) 272-5544
Serves advertisers and publishers with ad serving on specialty content Web sites.

Contact Information
(212) 271-CLICK (212-271-2542)
One of the industry's oldest and largest online advertising specialists, DoubleClick provides rich media advertising solutions for agencies, marketers and Web publishers. The company also provides solutions for search marketing, affiliate marketing, email and analytics.

ValueClick Media
Contact Information
(818) 575-4500
ValueClick provides advertisers and publishers with brand marketing through its advertising network, direct marketing through behaviorally-targeted ads and email list rental, and search marketing through its Search123 PPC offering.

He also has a companion WebMarketCentral blog that is really worth checking out. I'm currently diving into his 7-part series on Web 2.0 Social Tagging Sites:
Websites like Tom Pick's portal and blog make the web a fun place to work because sites like these help you find the info you're looking for -- fast.

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