Sunday, September 16, 2007

BlogPatrol Net Tools Website Restored

I'm pleased to announce that we have restored the BlogPatrol Net Tools Website that's been down due to the boot drive failure on one of the new servers.

Net Tool is a companion website that provides Connection Tools (Ping) and Host Information Tools such as Resolve Host / Reverse Lookup, Get Country, Whois (IP), Whois (Domain), Dig, and HTTP Request.

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Anikin Skywriter said...

Was your "new host" Tribal Fusion? Well, I recently found a trojan on my computer because of Tribal Fusion! I got it when I went to I am not blaming Blogpatrol, I just wanted to warn you. I also did some research, and found that Tribal Fusion puts cookies on people's computers all the time. Because of this, I cannot visit your web site until you tell me how I can block Tribal Fusion viruses. Thanks!

Tony said...

Anikin Skywriter: Thanks for the warning. Tribal Fusion is not a web host, but an ad broker that delivers many of the banner ads, which provides the revenues to keep BlogPatrol going. The info you've reported on Tribal Fusion is very disturbing, and I've asked Tribal Fusion to research and provide me their feedback on this. I will post an update once they respond.

Anikin Skywriter said...

Thanks Tony! I really appreciate blogpatrol! I am thankful for all the work you guys do to help users! Again, I am disappointed with Tribal Fusion, not blogpatrol! I think blogpatrol is awesome!

Tony said...

Tribal Fusion Account Representative, response on Oct. 7: I'm very sorry to hear that, Trojans and viruses are never a pleasant thing.

As an ad network, we do not, and have never, worked with any spyware/malware advertisers. What's good for your business, is good for ours. This is another reason why we have a transparent advertiser list, allowing publishers to view a list of all advertiser campaigns that we served on their sites. You can go to your account and under Reports, you can see which campaigns ran on the day your user mentioned the Trojan.

Our cookies are not used to transmit any data onto a user's computer through our ad tags. They are places to store data from the user's web experience, which allows our server the ability to track and retarget the user in attempts to serve them relevant ads, not just generic banners.

While many anti-virus and anti-spyware programs will display the Tribal Fusion cookies, these are not malicious as many others are. I'd suggest having the user clear his browsers cookies and cache, and then running his anti-virus/anti-spyware program again, in attempts to remove the Trojan permanently.

I am very sorry for the confusion, and hope that your user is able to cleanse his computer.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns that you might have.