Friday, September 28, 2007

Don't take freedom -- or blogging -- for granted!

If you haven't caught the news about what's going on in Myanmar, you've got to take a minute to check out these articles:

In particular, CNN highlights the incredible power of blogs in its news story:
The Internet connection in Myanmar was cut Friday, limiting the free flow of information the nation's citizens were sharing with the world depicting the violent crackdown on monks and other peaceful demonstrators.

Myanmar-based blogs went dark suddenly. But London-based blogger Ko Htike -- who has been one of the most prominent bloggers posting information about the violence -- has vowed to keep up the fight, saying where "there is a will, there is a way." also discusses The Importance of Citizen Journalists in an article published earlier today.

The Patrol Blog doesn't normally comment on world events, but the importance of people risking their lives to get images and news out to the world should not be ignored -- and needs to be shared whenever and however possible. From Ko Htike's blog:
Latest news burma time 16:17 - i got news that 3 groups of protester are marching on the Ahnawrahta Streetv(which is near Sule pogada) toward Sule. it is around 4000 people. this group we found some foreigners, as well. ..... said eyewitness. ...Burma time 14:28 - Thousands of protester are on the street of YGN, now.
BlogPatrol admires the courage of Ko Htike and his country men and women...

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Ibeme said...

Ko htike is a perfect example of the power of the blog. You can shut us down but you can't shut us out!