Saturday, April 5, 2008

Work in Progress: New Release of BlogPatrol

Updated on Apr. 6, 2008, at 5:02 AM (UTC-4 America/New York):
We have completed the migration of the site and BlogPatrol is now back online. We are now testing the web pages for any residual issues. So far, we have noted that there are issues with:

  • "Today's Visits" has a different value than the current day of the "Daily Visitors for Week of MMM DD to MMM DD". When displaying correctly, these two report elements should display the exact same value.
  • Certain timezones are causing stats reports to report strange data, such as visits for times that have not yet occurred.
We will continue to post updates as we identify more issues and/or resolve existing ones.

Updated on Apr. 6, 2008, at 3:19 AM:
We have completed all but the final step of bringing the bug fixes online. The final step will require that BlogPatrol remain offline for a short time. We will post another update once the final step is completed.

Posted on Apr. 5, 2008, at 12:30 PM:
Beginning at 12:30 PM UTC -4 (America/New York) on April 5, 2008, BlogPatrol will be offline for up to a few hours while we load the new release of BlogPatrol, including many bug fixes, onto the live site.

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