Saturday, January 12, 2008

Improvements Coming Soon

It's not only a new year, but a new day, coming soon, for BlogPatrol. I've been quiet on the blog lately, but actually very busy finding a new web development company to deliver improvements to our services. I'm pleased to say that Ive found a great company with whom I've been working since early December 2007.

By the end of January, we will soon release improvements to:

  • New User Signup form
  • Account Settings page
  • Stats Reports format

We will then confront and hopefully overcome the long-time problems with:

  • Users not being able to login (or stay logged in) using Internet Explorer

Once the system is bug-fixed and improved for greater user-friendliness, I'll commission work for enhancing/adding more reports and new features:

  • Adding the "hit count" to the existing Weekly, Daily and Hourly reports
  • Banning (ignoring) multiple IP addresses (for example, many of us have at least two computers: one at work and one at home)
  • Naming IP addresses that belong to the people you know so that your reports are more meaningful to you
  • Adding some mapping reports to graphically show the locations of visitor's IP addresses

I'm also reviewing your comments on this blog to find other requests that we can take on that are within our resources at this time.

It's an exciting time, as BlogPatrol works toward improving our services!

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User comment said...

I suggest the following.

1. Include the duration of each visitor's stay.
2. Information on the number of visitors online.

This would help track special visitors who yet does not wish to make known publicly their identity.

Muso said...

I forgot when did I set up the counter. Is there anywhere in my account setting that allows me to see that? Perhaps that could be included in the wish list 'cos there may be many like me who only got to know about blogpatrol and install it after started blogging for a while.

Tony said...

Hi Muso:

We think this is a great idea and that we can make this happen. We can't promise when exactly, but it will be after we resolve the long-term password problem for users who log in with the Internet Explorer browser. (Perhaps late February or early March?)

Tony said...

Hi "user comment":

I think that adding the duration of each visitor's stay is a good idea and will also include this in the idea queue for after the 'login/password problem', as I mentioned to Muso above.

Showing the number of visitors online would also be great, but will be a lower priority for now because it involves (I think) adding new functionality.

Right now, my focus is to fix and improve what we have and then to move into new areas.

Thanks for the great ideas!