Thursday, July 9, 2009

Database Maintenance

July 9, 2009
8:23 AM - I'm noticing that the site is still sometimes unresponsive. At these times, the website displays the message "The Information you have requested is not available." Feel free to post a comment to let me know that you are still seeing this message a lot today?
8:08 AM - Maintenance is complete. is back online and recording visits again. BlogPatrol did not record any stats from approximately 11:30 PM July 8 through about 8:00 AM July 9.
6:24 AM
- Database maintenance is taking a long time. I'm still working on it...

July 8, 2009 will be down and not recording any stats during this maintenance period.
11:36 PM
- BlogPatrol users have not been able to log in to their accounts or view their stats. Performing database maintenance script to purge detailed stats down to 14 days.

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William H. said...

does anyone know when I can check my blog counter?? how long is it gonna be down for??? cheers.

Tony said...

William H.: You should be able to check your account now, as of approximately 8:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (New York).

William H. said...

thanks tony,, Im new at all this and its amazing what you guys do.. such smart people.