Sunday, July 12, 2009

BlogPatrol Fixed

July 12, 2009
8:08 AM EST (New York): Database repair is complete. Historical and current stats are restored. BlogPatrol website and database are back online. User log-in capability is restored.
6:57 AM: Running database maintenance repair script because the manual reboot caused the database to crash.
3:45 AM: Manually power cycled the server to force a system reboot because remote access to server was unresponsive.

July 11, 2009
9:07 PM: There is a problem that is preventing BlogPatrol users from logging in, or staying logged in, to their BlogPatrol account(s).

Unfortunately, BlogPatrol also has not been tracking stats since about 4 PM Eastern today.

We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. We will provide updates as they become available.

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Anonymous said...

Would you please solve this problem as soon as possible because it is causing a big problem

canadada said...

Hello. All my data has disappeared. I mean ALL of it ... I HOPE this is part of the problem you're working on . Cheers. Great resource/tool.

jenna myers said...

Oh good. That's been driving me nuts all day.

Tony said...

jenna myers, canadada, and Anonymous: I'm so sorry this downtime has occurred. Yes, the disappearance of the data was a result of the database crashing because we had to manually reboot the server. We have restored remote access to the server, and I am currently repairing the database. I'll post additional updates soon.