Friday, April 22, 2011

FOR SALE: in Summer 2011

Dear BlogPatrol Users:

After eight years of the once-in-my-lifetime experience of owning, learning, developing, managing, committing to, and enjoying (and most importantly serving all of you as BlogPatrol's users), I'm announcing that BlogPatrol is undergoing preparations for sale to the right buyer/partner in Summer 2011.

The following reasons are driving this decision:

  • Significant opportunities in my full-time career now require all of my work/business focus.  In recent months this shift in my career has lead to my inability to respond, as a one-person support team, to your requests for user support.
  • As part of a conscious effort to balance my life/family/work priorities, the realization and acceptance (both professionally and personally) that, after eight years, I've taken BlogPatrol as far as I can.
  • The knowledge and belief that can continue to grow and expand under the leadership and vision of an owner/team with sufficient experience and resources.
  • The desire to have BlogPatrol users continue to experience the high level of support they deserve and have come to expect.
I am looking for a buyer/partner who demonstrates the following qualities, either as a corporate entity or as a dedicated web entrepreneur/professional:
  • Professional standards and commitment to providing an excellent customer/user experience.
  • A belief in the power of blogging and the usefulness of metrics/analytics to inform bloggers of their impact on the world.
  • Technical capabilities to manage, operate, and further develop a data-intensive website using a LAMP architecture that runs a multi-master, multi-slave, multi-terabyte database which collects over 70 GB of data every month in MySQL. The PHP code includes substantial modifications of the software from to enable scalability via archiving of BlogPatrol stats into manageable data partitions. The unique BlogPatrol stats display is implemented using Fusion Maps (Flash).
  • Financial resources and technical acumen to drive BlogPatrol's growth in the evolving environments of blogging and web analytics.
  • Sales and business development experience to leverage and maximize BlogPatrol's international reach, popularity, and position in the blogosphere.
If you have a serious interest in discussing this opportunity, please reach me directly at s a l e s {a t} b l o g p a t r o l . c o m .  For the protection of buyer and seller, the site valuation and transaction will be managed by a well respected brokerage firm.

This is the first in a series of blog posts concerning the sale and eventual transition of It is only appropriate that I close this announcement with a word of thanks and appreciation to you, the users of the BlogPatrol service. Thanks to all of you, I've enjoyed the unique experience and challenge of building in support of thousands of bloggers all over the world.

Tony Nguyen

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Barako Brew said...

Blogpatrol has been a big help to me. I do hope the new buyers make it even better.

As for you bro, thanks for your product and the free services you've rendered. I wish you all the luck in your endeavor.

Anjali said...

very nice.... very very much thank you brother......

I make use of blogpatrol very much.. thanks a lot to u..
just publishing my website

Anonymous said...

I've been using BlogPatrol for a while now, and honestly, if it wasn't for it, I probably would have stopped blogging by now. It has let me not only see hits, but visualize them, see how my blog ( has spread, figure out how they find me, etc. I really appreciate it man. Best of luck with your future endeavors.