Friday, February 23, 2007

What you liked about the old BlogPatrol

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These days, it seems like there isn't much to choose from here. But what were the features that prompted you to stay with us in spite of all the challenges with the old service?

What you liked about the old BlogPatrol:

1. ...having a free service

2. ...having a choice of counter icons including stealth icons

3. ...having a good chance of being listed in the Top Blogs rankings because you included so many blogs

Please comment...
  • by adding the likes that we've missed
  • to tell us those likes that you agree/disagree with
  • to tell us which likes that you must have in the new BlogPatrol 2.0
Your comments are significant to us. They will help us understand what to keep providing for you in BlogPatrol 2.0!

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inkdestroyedmybrush said...

I liked being able to see, very quickly, the pages that were being visited and the keywords and linking blogs that referred people to my blog. it was a tremendous amount of information for a free service. I cannot count the number of times that my traffic jumped up as someone had linked to a post of mine and I was able to backtrack to that blog/news item/web page and see where it had been mentioned. That is invaluable as the linking asjpect of blogs is pretty much their entire point!

I would love to see a modified home page on the new blogpatrol so that we could choose our favorite types of information and customized them. I hate having to drill 3 clicks down to the same area each time. it would be great, since that information is being tracked anyweay, to have it come up automatically on my blogpatrol home page.

Steve said...

I liked that I could see who was viewing my blog and how many times the same person came back.
I liked that the old was very "user friendly." Very easy to navigate.

Thivai Abhor said...

what i liked most was that i used to be able to access it to check my statistics--that rarely happens nowadays

Jerine said...

i like the 10 last visitor activity provision. it helps me notify who are the reader of my blog.

mrclm said...

I appreciated the detailed info. The more info the better. Key word searches are great, and I'll add this to the other thread, but having those search queries as actual links to the original incoming search would be an interesting feature.

Big Chris

Brimspark said...

I like the visitor count and detailed information, even down to their resolution and internet browser.

I don't know what's the use of visitor forecast. Haha.

I would like to have a "remember me" option when I log in so I don't have to keep logging in.

microdot said...

I loved being able to see where my blog was read internationally and when there was an active link to click on it and see the blog of the person who it came from.
I could also see when my posts were linked from other blogs because of the content.
I have to admit, there was a satisfaction of being able to see my little blog slowly climb up the list of top rated blogs.
I am a blogger who straddles the Atlantic and I write in France but my subject matter is very eclectic and I feel that Blogpatrol helped me keep involved in America as well as Europe.

YuNz- said...

honestly, i'm pretty satisfied with the old blogpatrol except that it can be a real pain coz loading was slow. the info that was provided were all very useful and a lot for a free service.

which is why i never switched to another even though i had to wait for ages to check the stats. and i still have not switched and left a space there just for blogpatrol. i cant seem to find a better one.

a query though. will my old stats still be available when the new version is up? or i'll hafta start from scratch again?

Syrian in London said...

I like the detailed visitor info, where the visitors logged from, which pages they visited and how they get to the blog

Independent Frum Thinker said...

I liked seeing the list of top referrers, and seeing the search words.

Evora said...

Hola, no me manejo tan bien con el inglés, solo quiero poder visitar de nuevo mis estadísticas, eso es una de las cosas que mas me gusta de blogpatrol, saber por las IP quienes me visitan.

Por favor activen mi cuenta pronto!!!

milowent said...

1. i liked that it was free, though i wondered how you made money off it or kept it running.

2. features: search engine keywords, and last 25 referrals log.

Jennie C. said...

I like that you count unique visitors instead of counting each visit. Some people visit multiple times a day, and I like to know how many actual readers I have.

I also liked the keyword searches that brought people to my blog. Absolutely hilarious sometimes, but it's nice to know people aren't, say, looking for porn and finding my family site.

pattiblaine said...

I liked the unique visitor count, distinct from the total hits.
I liked being able to see quickly the urls for blogs that had linked to mine, and the keywords used at google and other search engines that resulted in visits.
I liked knowing when someone had dug through the archives of my blog and visited pages I'd written a year ago or more.
And on a purely whimsical level, I liked seeing the flags, and speculating why someone in Italy or Brazil spent any time at all reading what little I have to say!