Friday, February 23, 2007

What you didn't like about the old BlogPatrol

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These days, it seems like there's so much to choose from here. Just for starters, here's a short list of...

What you didn't like about the old BlogPatrol:

1. Unreliable

2. Slow

3. Unpredictable

4. Error messages were unhelpful

Please comment...
  • by adding the dislikes that we've missed
  • to tell us those dislikes that you agree/disagree with
  • to tell us which dislikes were most aggravating to you
Your comments are significant to us. They will help us understand how not to disappoint you in the future!

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Steve said...

Well...Not a whole lot that I DISliked, aside from the occasional problem/crash, but that was no big deal.

kameelah said...

i dont like that user login has been disabled

martin said...

Ads I can live with if they pay for the service, but please, no animated banners or pop ups.

microdot said...

I agree with martins comments about ads. I think that I found it annoying sometimes to go through the steps to get to the info I wanted. I also found that my counter numbers were changed occasionally.
I found it fascinating that I was getting lots of hits from Iran and China. I don't know how detailed analysis you can provide, but I want to know more about who reads my blog!

Evora said...

Definitivamente la lentitud y claro! que mi cuenta esté deshabilitada, necesito entrar!!!

Jennie C. said...

I'd have liked to see the information for more than the last five visitors...maybe twenty?

Fransiska Ike said... someone said, no animated ads or pop-ups...