Friday, February 23, 2007

How to Participate in BlogPatrol's Extreme Makeover: Blog Counter Edition

Thank you for the supportive responses, suggestions and questions! Your desire to participate really energizes us toward our goal of making BlogPatrol 2.0 an incredible service for you to have and for us to provide to you.

For members who wish to participate in creating BlogPatrol 2.0, let's start out by gathering your comments on the following three categories, organized as three separate (and hyperlinked) posts below:

1. What you liked about the old BlogPatrol (and don't want to lose in BlogPatrol 2.0)

2. What you didn't like about the old BlogPatrol

3. What you want in the new BlogPatrol 2.0

I'll help begin the commenting process by sharing the feedback I've gotten from your email messages under the corresponding category (posting).

I'm tempted to include some rules of participation, but let's just see what happens first so that we don't get in the way of creativity! :)

NOTE: We've turned off commenting on this post because we ask that you comment your likes, dislikes, and wants under the links provided.

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