Friday, February 23, 2007

What you want in the new BlogPatrol 2.0

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BlogPatrol members have previously told us they want BlogPatrol the new capabilities posted here.

The information is not listed in order of priority, but enumerated only to organize the information for easier reading. We believe that only you can tell us what's most important to you, which is why we are pleased to make sure that the commenting feature is turned on. :)

I want the new BlogPatrol 2.0 to...

1. ...give me a stats service that's reliable, accurate and fast to use

2. ...have a customizable time zone feature so that my BlogPatrol account's time zone matches my own

3. ...track multiple blogs using just one BlogPatrol account

4. ...have explanations of what my reports actually mean

5. ...give me easy account management controls - signup, setup, and modification

6. ...provide easy instructions for account management when I don't know what to do with my BlogPatrol account

7. ...give me a chance, if I wish, to feature my blog content somewhere on

8. ...provide a blog directory that includes my blog listed by category and/or popularity

9. ...provide local information (e.g., city and state) on site visitors, not just country location

10. ...stats service that's reliable, accurate and fast to use

11. ...give us web stats that bloggers care about

12. ...have more choices of counter icons for my blog

13. ...have customizable counter icons that match the theme/color of my blog

14. ...have better, faster, and more consistent customer service and helpdesk responses

15. ...have my stats reports emailed to me on a regular basis (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
Please comment...
  • by adding the wants that we've missed
  • to tell us those wants that you agree/disagree with
  • to tell us what's most important to you
Your comments are significant to us. They will help us understand what's most important to you.

We are disclosing upfront that we may not be able to provide everything you ask for. However, we're going to do everything we can. When we complete our feasibility analysis, we'll post an update so you know what's happening first, what's happening later, and what's not likely to happen at all.

Thanks for participating in BlogPatrol's Extreme Makeover: Blog Counter Edition!

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S@RZI said...

Is there are way for you to provide details about "self-referrals" or those using bookmarks--basically the same data you indicate for those using the search engines or links clicked somewhere in the blogosphere (e.g., country, IP address, browser, etc.)? Also, separate data for unique visits? Many thanks and good luck.

Steve said...

You know what would be cool, is if you had a scratch & sniff counter!! Yeah!!...Now you're talking! (Haha)
I'll leave the new ideas to the experts! ;o)

mrclm said...

Having the search words people are coming in on as hot links would be interesting. I'm not a pro, but I'd guess the script for that isn't all that deep nor taxing (ex: making it a link to with query monkey +flying +butt as the link). The more and more detailed info the better. Perhaps even a monthly or yearly aggregation of most common incoming links, search words etc. would be interesting. Those would only have to be updated once a week or monthly if made available. Not sure how much data that actually is though.

Big Chris

oakmonster said...

You get my vote on #1-4, a little bit of #8 and #10 is like #1.

Can't wait to start accessing the data again! Just as I started a food blog, your service went away. I would love to see if how we're building readership over there. :)

But hey, thanks for a great service thus far!

Independent Frum Thinker said...

I would love if it could keep track of IP addresses, and more importantly if it could keep track of which IP address left which comment.
This would make it easier to know if one person is posting multiple comments etc.
Also, to have a feature to block a specific IP address from visiting or at least commenting on the blog.

Evora said...

Quiero mas rapidez, mas detalles en cuanto a las visitas y por favor!!! que habiliten la entrada a mi cuenta!


pattiblaine said...

Other than the occasional problem/crash (which I never minded much at all as it was a free service and what did I expect, really?) the only problem I ever had--the mysterious and still unexplained appearance of an xxx-rated site as referrer for a sudden and exponential increase in hits--you took care of quickly and thoroughly without belittling my concerns. I'd hope for the same personal attention in the next incarnation of blog patrol.

Thanks for that, and I'm looking forward to using whatever you come up with here!


I want the new BlogPatrol 2.0 to...

1. to be able to keep track of IP addresses & keep track of which IP address left which comment.

2. to have customizable time zone feature.

3. to have have customizable counter icons or more choices of counter icons.