Sunday, May 13, 2007

Testing the new database... Read on, if you'd like to help!

Many of you have offered to participate in creating a better BlogPatrol. Here's the next opportunity to help.

Create a Test Account
Sign up for a test account at to help us test a number of improvements that we've developed.

Managing Your Test Account
Check out the controls of your test account to see if the system FAILS to perform any of the following features related to managing your account:

1. Requires that you create a unique username (For example, if you already have a BlogPatrol username, you should NOT be able to create a test account with the same username that you have for your "real" account.)
2. You receive an email confirmation with your new username, user ID, and randomly generated password.
3. You are able to install the BlogPatrol counter code on your blog.
4. Once the code is installed, a BlogPatrol counter icon appears on your blog.
5. The counter icon that appears on your blog is the same style that you selected for your test account.
6. When you click on your counter icon, you are taken to
7. You are able to logout and log back into your account.
8. You are able to change your password to one of your preference.
9. You are able to login with that new password.
10. You are able to change your account settings, such as the style of your counter icon, password-protecting your stats reports, banning your IP address, and including your account in the Top Blogs rankings.
11. When you use the “Lost Pass” function at, You receive a brand new, randomly generated password .
12. The new password is valid and allows you to login to your test account.
13. The "Contact Us" function at allows you to send an email to us by typing in your name, email address, subject, message and then clicking the "send" button.

Your Test Stats Reports
Finally, check out your test stats reports to see if the system FAILS to provide any of the following features related to recording your stats and displaying your stats reports:

14. You are able to access all of your stats reports after you login to your test account.
15. The stats reports provide you with data indicating that the system is accurately recording your unique visitors and total hits.
16. For example, see the last report on the menu, the one called “Detailed Analysis Of The Last 25 Visitors”. This report should provide you with lots of details on who is visiting your site, including which pages people are visiting.

Remember to use the "BETA" site
The test website is located at (not at the regular URL of http : // www . blogpatrol . com)! This is important because access to the regular BlogPatrol system is still limited to account login only, the same that it has been for the last few months. Once testing is completed, we will be taking all the improvements tested at beta . blogpatrol . com and moving them to www . blogpatrol . com!


Why does the beta site look exactly the same as the live site?
We have not made any changes to the website, but we have made significant changes to the database engine that will provide us with a stable system that performs as we expect it will.

How much time do you have to complete your testing?
Please complete your testing between now and May 16, 2007, 11:59 PM Eastern (New York) time.

How do you notify BlogPatrol of your test results/comments?
Please post a comment here when you find any errors or problems with the system. Send your emails no later than May 16. It will be a good idea to read others' comments before posting your own, in order to avoid any redundancies in reporting errors.

WARNING: Your test account will be deleted when testing is completed!
When we cut over to the live site on or before May 19, we will be deleting any test accounts that you create.

Let the testing (and fun) begin. Thanks in advance for any time and attention you can share with us!

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Anonymous said...

Everything listed on The Patrol Blog appears to work except detailed stats reports.

The counter appears to be working and recording visits, but anytime I click on more detailed stats reports (specific ones or "view all"), I get logged out.

After logging back in I still can't access these reports, and the same thing happens.

But this is great progress!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I logged back in this evening and was able to view all my stats. So seems to be fixed already!