Friday, March 2, 2007

Status Update - March 2, 2007

I'm going to try to provide, at a minimum, weekly status updates for you on our progress toward creating BlogPatrol 2.0. I last posted on February 23, and for this week's update, I have the following for you:

1. Your main question: "When's BlogPatrol 2.0 going to happen?"

  • My ballpark estimate for establishing a fully implemented BlogPatrol 2.0 is around six months, but you'll start seeing the first improvements within about two to four weeks.
  • As we develop all the ingredients necessary for BlogPatrol 2.0, we will be sharing with you news as it happens:
    • bringing in new talent
    • implementing new rules for managing BlogPatrol's growth
    • turning account login and stats reporting back on incrementally for BlogPatrol 1.0 to try to give you at least minimal access to the information you need
    • changing our web hosting provider
    • upgrading our servers
    • simplifying sign-up, management, and use of your account
    • redesigning our database
    • rewriting our counter code
    • building a new website
2. Your likes, dislikes, and wants: Understanding your requirements
  • We are reading every comment and email that you are providing us: Your likes, dislikes, and wants are informing us of how we should prioritize and organize improvements to BlogPatrol until we reach our goal of bringing you BlogPatrol 2.0.
  • Our follow up to your comments will include a post that tells you what we'll be able to do right away, what we'll we work toward later on, and what we can't do. I expect to have this post for you by the end of March.

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Steve said...

Sounds great! Thanks for the update!

Matei said...

my blog counter from blog patrol is jammed and not showing anything. that must be because your site is also jammed. try to open it or you will lose a lot of users. good day!

Schaubs said...

I can't get any stats lately... you are always down and out.

The Yummie dummieS said...

Hi, may I know when we can log it again? I suggest enabling the log in while updating BlogPatrol. Thanks.

Tony said...

Thanks for your encouragement, comments and suggestions, Steve, Matei, Schaubs, and The Yummie dummieS.

I've added my response to your comments at the new post titled When can you login again?

Sohbet said...

Sounds great! Thanks for the update!